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AVC798D.DVR 16 Ch,H.264 <font color=red>สินค้า Promotion ราคาพิเศษ ถูกสุดๆ</font> - N.P. DOULOS CO., LTD,
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AVC798D.DVR 16 Ch,H.264 <font color=red>สินค้า Promotion ราคาพิเศษ ถูกสุดๆ</font>

AVC798D.DVR 16 Ch,H.264 สินค้า Promotion ราคาพิเศษ ถูกสุดๆ

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Price: 29,500.00฿
Product code: AVC 798D

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16CH Real-Time H.264 Network DVR
H.264 Video Compression Technology
• Highly improves video quality for live, recording, and network
• Recording file size is minimized for longest recording time
• Lower bit rate required for fastest network transfer
Long Recording Time
• The recording time is greatly extended with the smart recording design that only the
motion-triggered channel will be recorded, and the video loss channel won't be recorded
VGA Output
• Built-in VGA interface
• Output resolution up to 1600 x 1200
Multiplex Operation
Allows users to operate live display / playback, recording, backup, and network simultaneously
Audio Recording
Supports four audio inputs and two audio outputs
Quick Search
Supports time search, event (motion-triggered recording) search and alarm search
Easy Backup
Supports USB flash drive, DVD writer (optional), and network for easy backup
User-friendly OSD
Graphical & multi-language OSD makes operation easier and more user-friendly
Remote Independent Operation
Changing of live view on the remote side is independent from the local site
Central Management System
Supports Central Management System function for remote surveillance to monitor up to 16 different IP addresses easily
Low Cost Network Setup
Supports dynamic IP for users with limited budget
Easy and Free Upgrade
Releases new firmware for free upgrade to advanced functions, and the upgrade can be completed via USB flash drive or network
Supports Frame / Field / CIF resolution for recording
Supports SATA HDDs
Supports Pelco-D & Pelco-P for speed dome control
Supports day-light saving
Supports covert recording
Supports IR remote control
Supports auto recovery after power failure
Supports watch dog function after network disconnection



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